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Date: Wed Feb 27 2002 - 04:53:57 MST

I wonder if anyone else has experienced this...? -There is a type of
language used in certain kinds of poetry, song lyrics, and prose...I don't
know whether to call it 'abstract' or what because I know very little about
literature terms, but an example would be the lyrics of Jon Anderson, eg
 'A man concieved a moment's answers to the dream, playing the powers
vaguely sensing all the themes'
'Coming quickly to terms of all expression laid, emotion revealed as the
ocean maid'.

My question is...Why do lyrics and poetry like this frighten and upset
people? Because they do...
There are three different types of reaction to stuff like this. Some people
say, 'doesn't make any sense to me'. Other say 'Oh yeh I get it it's kind of
abstract; poetic'. But the third lot say 'BS! Wank! Rubbish!' and over-react
completely, trying really hard to discredit the author, almost frantic to
prove it 'doesn't mean anything, it's rubbish'.
I have noticed such a strong reaction of this kind for so many years, Ithis
response of 'Huh! Mystical crap!'
Can anyone explain why this sort of usage of language provokes this
reaction? Are people actually frightened of it because they don't understand
...Could we use poetry as a bioweapon? (Scene jumps to troops in
battlefield, reading aloud from James Joyce, enemy troops screaming and
covering their ears) ...No? Just wondered...

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> >Isn't it obvious that technology has moral implications oozing everywhere
> Technology has moral implications if you are a moralist. If you aren't,
> doesn't.
> >Maybe it is a kind of poetry.
> Yes.
> >Colin
> Richard Steven Hack


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