Re: SOFTWARE: Do you play computer games?

From: John Grigg (
Date: Wed Feb 27 2002 - 00:29:24 MST

On 2002.02.25, sineo <> wrote:
> Do you play computer games?

Yes, when I have the time.

> If you do please tell me what kind of,
> what's yor favorite title, and do you
> know any computer game with large
> "extropian/transhuman thought"content.

Civilization III comes to mind for me! I have played the previous versions, but must say Sid Meier has really outdone himself this time!!

And don't forget The Sims! I still haven't bought the Hot Date expansion, but it looks like great fun! I do expect Robert Bradbury to one day play The Sims for real(shudder!)...

best wishes,


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