SEAL'02-ICONIP'02-FSKD'02 Call For Papers

Date: Tue Feb 26 2002 - 20:00:00 MST

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   4th Asia-Pacific Conference on Simulated Evolution And Learning
    9th International Conference on Neural Information Processing
   International Conference on Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery
        November 18 - 22, 2002, Orchid Country Club, Singapore

                         Organized by:
           School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
             Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

                         Sponsored by:
               Asia-Pacific Neural Network Assembly
                 SEAL & FSKD Steering Committees

                      In Co-Operation with:
                   IEEE Neural Network Society
               International Neural Network Society
                  European Neural Network Society

                         Supported by:
                        Lee Foundation
            Singapore Exhibition & Convention Bureau


SEAL'02, ICONIP'02, and FSKD'02 will be jointly held in Orchid Country
Club, Singapore from November 18 to 22, 2002. The conferences will
not only feature the most up-to-date research results in evolutionary
computation, neural information processing, fuzzy systems, and
knowledge discovery, but also promote cross-fertilization over these
exciting and yet closely-related areas. Registration to any one of the
conferences will entitle a participant to the technical sessions and
the proceedings of all three conferences, as well as the conference
banquet, buffet lunches, and tours to two of the major attractions in
Singapore, i.e., Night Safari and Sentosa Resort Island. Many well-
known researchers will present keynote speeches, panel discussions,
invited lectures, and tutorials.

About Singapore
Located at one of the most important crossroads of the world,
Singapore is truly a place where East and West come together. Here you
will find Chinese, Indian, and Malay communities living together,
their long established cultures forming a unique backdrop to a clean
and modern garden city. English is spoken everywhere and is the common
business language of all. Few places on earth promise such a delight
for the palate, with gourmet cuisine from over 30 countries. Exotic
resorts in neighboring countries are only a short bus/ferry ride away.

Orchid Country Club (OCC)
The venue for this year's conferences is at one of Singapore's
premier country clubs, a 25-minute bus ride from the city. Away from
the hustle and bustle of downtown Singapore, the tranquil setting of
the resort is ideal for serious technical discussions with an
accommodating space and ambience for relaxation. Not to miss out on
the splendor of downtown Singapore, the organizer has also secured
good quality and affordable accommodation in the heart of the city
with pre-arranged transport to/from the OCC. For golf enthusiasts,
OCC is equipped with the largest computerized driving range in South
East Asia and boasts of a 27-hole golf course with facilities for
night golfing, ideal for relaxation after each day of technical
discussions. Visit the OCC website at

Night Safari and Sentosa Resort Island
It is said that a visit to Singapore is not complete without making
a trip to two of the Republic's famous attractions. The only one of
its kind in the world, the Night Safari provides a setting for
visitors to experience what it is like to observe animals in their
nocturnal habitat. The island of Sentosa offers some unique
attractions and a visit there will also provide a glimpse and
imagery of Singapore's past and present. Visits to these two
attractions will be included as recreation for the joint conference.

Topics of Interest
The joint conferences welcomes paper submissions from researchers,
practitioners, and students worldwide in but not limited to the
following areas.

   THEORY - Co-evolution, Coding methods, Collective behavior
   METHODOLOGY - Evolution strategies, Genetic algorithms, Genetic
       programming, Molecular and quantum computing, Evolvable
       hardware, Multi-objective optimization, Ant colony, Artificial
   EVOLUTIONARY LEARNING - Artificial life, Bayesian evolutionary
   HYBRID SYSTEMS - Evolutionary neuro-fuzzy systems, Soft computing
   APPLICATIONS - Scheduling, Operations research, Design, etc

   NATURAL NEURAL SYSTEMS - Neuroscience, Neurobiology, Neuro-
       physiology, Brain imaging, Learning and memory
   ARTIFICIAL NEURAL MODELS - Learning algorithms, Neural modeling and
       architectures, Neurodynamics
   COGNITIVE SCIENCE - Perception, emotion, and cognition, Selective
       attention, Vision and auditory models
   HARDWARD IMPLEMENTATION - Artificial retina & cochlear chips
   HYBRID SYSTEMS - Neuro-fuzzy systems, Evolutionary neural nets, etc
   APPLICATIONS - Bioinformatics, Finance, Manufacturing, etc.

   THEORY AND FOUNDATIONS - Fuzzy theory and models, Uncertainty
       management, Statistical & probabilistic data mining, Computing
       with words, Rough sets, Intelligent agents
   METHODS AND ALGORITHMS - Classification, Clustering, Information
       retrieval & fusion, Data warehousing & OLAP, Fuzzy hardware,
       Visualization, Decision trees, Data preprocessing
   HYBRID SYSTEMS - Evolutionary neuro-fuzzy systems, Soft computing
   APPLICATIONS - Control, Optimization, Natural language processing,
       Forecasting, Human-computer interaction, etc.

Special Sessions
The conferences will feature special sessions on specialized topics
to encourage in-depth discussions. To propose a special session, email
the session title, name of the conference under which the special
session will be organized, contact information of the organizer(s),
and a short description on the theme and topics covered by the
session to Xin Yao, Special Sessions Chair (,
with a copy to Lipo Wang, General Chair (Cc:

The conferences will offer product vendors a sponsorship package
and/or an opportunity to interact with conference participants.
Product demonstration and exhibition can also be arranged. For more
information, please visit the conference website or contact
Tong Seng Quah, Sponsorship/Exhibition Chair (,
with a copy to Lipo Wang, General Chair (Cc:

Keynote Speakers
Shun-ichi Amari, RIKEN Brain Science Institute, Japan
David Fogel, Natural Selection, Inc., USA
Mitsuo Kawato, ATR, Japan
Xin Yao, The University of Birmingham, UK
Lotfi A. Zadeh, University of California, USA

Registration Fee
The registration fee for regular participants before August 15, 2002
is S$680 (approximately US$370 as at February 6, 2002), which includes
the proceedings, lunches, banquet, and tours.

Submission of Papers
Authors are invited to submit electronic files (postscript, pdf or
Word format) through the conference home page. Papers should be
double-column and use 10 pt Times Roman or similar fonts. The final
version of a paper should not exceed 5 pages in length. A selected
number of accepted papers will be expanded and revised for possible
inclusion in edited books and peer-reviewed journals, such as
"Soft Computing" and "Knowledge and Information Systems: An
International Journal" by Springer-Verlag.

Important Dates
Paper/Summary Deadline : April 30, 2002
Notification of Acceptance : July 15, 2002
Final Paper/ Registration : August 15, 2002

Honorary Conference Chairs
Shun-ichi Amari, Japan
Hans-Paul Schwefel, Germany
Lotfi A. Zadeh, USA

International Advisory Board
Sung-Yang Bang, Korea
Meng Hwa Er, Singapore
David B. Fogel, USA
Toshio Fukuda, Japan
A. Galushkin, Russia
Tom Gedeon, Australia
Zhenya He, China
Mo Jamshidi, USA
Nikola Kasabov, New Zealand
Sun-Yuan Kung, USA
Tong Heng Lee, Singapore
Erkki Oja, Finland
Nikhil R. Pal, India
Enrique H. Ruspini,USA
Harcharan Singh, Singapore
Ah Chung Tsoi, Australia
Shiro Usui, Toyohashi, Japan
Lei Xu, China
Benjamin W. Wah, USA
Donald C. Wunsch II, USA
Xindong Wu, USA
Youshou Wu, China
Yixin Zhong, China
Jacek M. Zurada, USA

Alex C. Kot, Singapore

General Chair
Lipo Wang, Singapore

Program Co-Chairs
Kunihiko Fukushima, Japan
Soo-Young Lee, Korea
Jagath C. Rajapakse, Singapore
Takeshi Furuhashi, Japan
Jong-Hwan Kim, Korea
Kay Chen Tan, Singapore
Saman Halgamuge, Australia
Special Sessions:
Xin Yao, UK

Finance Chair
Charoensak Charayaphan, Singapore

Local Arrangement Chair
Meng Hiot Lim, Singapore

Proceedings Chair
Farook Sattar, Singapore

Publicity Chair
Chunru Wan, Singapore

Sponsorship/Exhibition Chair
Tong Seng Quah, Singapore

Tutorial Chair
P. N. Suganthan, Singapore

For More Information
Please visit the conference home page or contact:
Lipo Wang, ICONIP'02-SEAL'02-FSKD'02 General Chair
School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Nanyang Technological University
Block S2, 50 Nanyang Avenue, Singapore 639798
Phone: +65 6790 6372

Conference Secretariat
ICONIP'02-SEAL'02-FSKD'02 Secretariat
Conference Management Center/CCE, NTU
Administration Annex Building #04-06
42 Nanyang Avenue, Singapore 639815
Fax: +65 6793 0997

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