Networked *nix games

From: Nathan Woods Currier (
Date: Tue Feb 26 2002 - 15:11:32 MST


For networked strategy on Linux, you must try Freeciv. Download the
source from It is a labor of love by CIV II geeks, similar
to CIV II but better in many ways- most notably the skill of the AIs.
Besides Freeciv, I also frequently play Master of Orion II, but the AI is
just too easy to beat. Hmmmmm- If the gaming industry continues its rapid
growth, they will soon be pouring far more funds into AI development than
the universities will. Wonder if the first sentinent AI will be doomed to
life as a gladiator?

In other news, check out today's USA Today or Washington Times, if you
can. The Libertarian Party ran a full page satirical counterattack to all
the recent drug-users-support-terrorism ads. A huge head of drug czar
John Walters says: "This week, I had lunch with the President, testified
before Congress, and helped funnel $40 million in illegal drug money to
groups like the Taliban." (Oops, forgot to mention ruining innocent lives,
wasting taxpayer money, and burning the Constitution- oh well). The fine
print explains how overzealous politicians allow terrorists to reap
enormous profits from the drug trade, and refers readers to for
follow-up. The total cost was $70,000, raised in a recent fundraiser. If
the government only knew the things I subsidize with my fat government
paycheck, they might actually cut spending! Hehehehe...

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