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> I am currently playing with X-Plane, a flight simulator which allows you
> to download different planes off the web, as well as allowing the user
> to design their own aircraft. I just finished designing a sim of XCOR's
> EZ-Rocket, and am working on designing various air-to-air missiles as
> well as bombs of various models for a hoped for combat plug-in to the
> sim. I'm also designing a V-1 buzzbomb (Fiesler FI-103) in it as well as
> the manned variant, the FI-103 R-IV Reichenberg, in X-Plane's
> Plane-Maker. X-Plane also allows you to design and fly aircraft on the
> planet Mars, as well as fly re-entry maneuvers with the Space Shuttle.
> You can build spacecraft in X-Plane and fly them in space, since it
> treats planets as globes and not planar environments like most sims do.
> Because of this do-it-yourself design capability, and the interplanetary
> capabilities as well, I consider X-Plane to be the creme de la creme of
> extropic video games.

I haven't play this one but if like flight sims you'll love Flight Simulator
2002 by micro$oft. Best flight sim ever made (and I'm not, by all means,
great fan of MS) with very advanced options of creating and redesigning
planes (although it requires some 3d modeling and programing skills). And of
course whole world to fly around.

> The game I use the most is Freecell, waiting for pesky websites to load.
> My win average with it is about 63% playing at breakneck speed.


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