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I'd like to add few other 'extropian' games:

Call To Power 1/2 - clone of civilization but with better interface and
longer play time (from 4000BC to 3000AD). In advanced ages we have
nanotechnology, AI controlling your citizens, terrorists with those nasty
nano-attacks, ability to build orbital cities and other 'extro' features.
Downside of this game is poor AI (If you want to play it, use multiplayer

UFO3 - X-COM Apocalypse - This game was the my first source of information
about extropians :o The story is that we are put into bright future of
mankind, into huge city called megalopolis governed by large organizations -
including extropians :) Here is what we can read in UFOpedia (kind of
encyclopedia covering the game's world background):

'The extropians are one of the two earth federation political parties that
dominate city government. The extropian philosophy is basically a faith in a
bright technological future a brave new world free of disease, pollution,
old age and dull aesthetics. They pioneered the city regulations governing
the future retro styling of the architecture and vehicles. They have strong
support from 'Solmine', 'Marsec' and the larger corporations'

There are other organizations that may exist in near future and are modeled
in this game including: sentient engine liberation front, technocrats,
nanotech, mutant alliance etc. UFO3 certainly has great atmosphere. BTW this
example shows that Transhumanism really makes its way to mainstream.

Extropians who would like to see in action some greatest 'AI' should play
'Creatures 1/2/3' and 'Black+ACY-White'. This will demonstrate where we are
today with consumer AI engines. IMHO it's not so bad.

For those who love outer space, there are two games that you shouldn't miss:
Elite / Elite 2 / First Encounters - the biggest worlds in computer games
I've ever seen+ADs- thousands of planets to explore, hundreds of solar systems
all of this with nice graphics. You can really get sucked in this game while
flying from old earth to barrent's star solar system selling for example
medicines with 10xCosts income (if you are smart enough to read electronic
newspaper and choose planets where some terrible plaque occurred :) Another
nice thing are spaceships. They are rather simple in piloting and design but
for the first time we have spaceships that move like spaceships not like
aircrafts, lasers beam that don't 'fly' and lots of other things that make
this game more simulation then another stupid s-f arcade crap.

Battlecruiser 3000AD - This game is must have for all of those who enjoyed
Star Trek. We are captain of great, big, enormous space cruiser which
mission is... to serve federation bla, bla, bla, bla, bla. What is really
important (it's not plot if you still think it is :) is detailed simulation
of the space ship, its components, crew members and beautiful and detailed
world. We can move around from solar system to another solar system, from
space station to planet surface (with appropriate shuttle), we can even
command our marines to descend on enemy planet and try to take over it. Oh,
and version 1.1 of this game is totally free to download (newer versions are
still in development).

Maybe it's time to add another category of extropian stuff on T.E.C.H. site.
We've got extropian books, films, TV-shows, magazines - then why not
computer games?


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+AD4- Do you play computer games?
+AD4- If you do please tell me what kind of,
+AD4- what's yor favorite title, and do you
+AD4- know any computer game with large
+AD4- +ACI-extropian/transhuman thought+ACI-content.
+AD4- Personnally I can think up only one title - +ACI-Alpha Centauri+ACI-
+AD4- but this should be known to you because
+AD4- it's quite an old game so it doesn't need any extra
+AD4- comments (I believe).
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