Re: transparent aluminum

From: justin corwin (
Date: Tue Feb 26 2002 - 01:52:42 MST

> Doug Jones wrote:
> > justin corwin wrote:
> > This small item details the apparent manufacture of small uantities
> > > of "tranparent aluminum"

<snippy snip>

> > I get really exasperated with sloppy terminology and incompetent
> > reporting. It's transLUCENT aluminA, not transparent aluminum,
> > dammit.

um. sorry? I really didn't mean to convey errors. I was just tickled
pink by the page, and preserved the incorrect tranparent aluminum title
to keep the link to that old star trek movie clear.(and because i thought
it was funny). My ignorance of most materials science also contributed
to the hyped and unhelpful tone of the rest. Enthusiasm, it's a killer.

Then Mike Lorrey said:
> On the contrary, ceramic materials are the new thing in body armor
> as well as in heavy military equipment. There was an interesting show
> on Discovery a week or so ago about an armored vest which sandwiches
> 1/4" plate of sintered ceramic between a couple thin sheets of kevlar.
> Effective against AP rifle rounds, even.

This is very interesting to me. I was previously aware of ceramic rifle-stopper
plates in the front and back of level III-c vests, but I didn't know
that it was that effective. Do you know who produced those? They are
prototype, I assume, as a google doesn't bring up anything like that,

Anyone have links to a good online explanatory page for some basic materials
science terminology and such, just so I don't have to collect quite so
many corrective posts, when i discover another exciting lil page?

Hmm, also, springboarding off that, into weapons R&D, anybody know what
happened to all those directed energy weapons I was promised? I'm positive
I remember reading about particle accelerator cannons, MASERs, LASERs,
and microwave weapons as a child. Now that I am a grown googler,I cannot
seem to find anything on the subject that doesn't bring up old Military
"investigative studies", vague governmental frontpages to think tanks,
or video game sites.

All the "" kind of sites are actually kind of dissapointing.
Just little jet-powered carts and so-on, I remember building an ion "cannon"
as a young teen, and disturbing electronics from a distance, and other
malicious electronic weapons.

Anyone know what kind of legislation governs the private production of
directed energy weapons, hipower lasers, or directed emp weapons?
On a related note, does the legislation on automatic and explosive firearms
cover privately developed, prototype, or handbuilt non-commercial weapons?


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