Re: organ donation

From: ct (
Date: Mon Feb 25 2002 - 17:45:55 MST

At 01:07 PM 2/25/2002 -0800, you wrote:
> >From: Lee Daniel Crocker <>
> >> (Brian D Williams <>):
> >> The single reason hospitals are always short of blood?
> >> Motorcycles. A motorcycle accident will eat up more blood than
> >> a week of open heart surgery
> >Ah, but there's a tradeoff: without motorcycles, there would be a
> >much more severe shortage or organ donations
>Touche' Sir, Touche'...

Don' be listenin' to dem, Spike!

We all know that with the da Vinci, we ain't be needin' to saw open them
chests or hook up that there noisy heart pump thinga-ma-jig. So, why all da
bother about da blood? Nope! Drive-thru is the way to go...keeps those
nosocomials away, I hear. 'Course, I sure don' understand why's a person
goin' in for a CABG would be a worryin' 'bout blackheads on dere nose, but
so says that there CDC in dere upliftin' MMR that so elevates their week!

Jus' remember, Spike, what I told you about the true location of the
throttle, an' ya won't be needin' to worry about none a that carpal tunnel
garbage or even worse...the possibility that summa you might end up within
summa these here blokes!

An if'n you're still a fixin' to relocate to the metropolis of
Tonopah...ah'd be most pleased to pass along your resume(<-- accent
thingee) to someone who's a always lookin' for under-utilized organs.


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