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From: Colin Hales (
Date: Mon Feb 25 2002 - 13:22:43 MST

from Eugene Leitl
> Robot Exclusion Protocol

The web based AI of the future gets its sweet justice? Hoards of dumb things
asking stupid questions. Project your sense of privacy into WWW and it's
probably what it would feel like. Perhaps there are real people behind it.

Whetever's in the back room, it's a lovely thought inversion. I'm trying the
imagine what Googlebot would think of a dog and whether it can pick up the
real inhabitants of the planet - microbes. Note that it's all keywords and
links - the semantics, wizdom and morals models are totally absent and
presumably contained elsewhere - just like the current Google (at least
until the semantic web/XML ontology systems get going fully). It's a very
powerful way to help us deal with the idea of a naughty AI with assumed
rights like ours, for example.

In Australia we have recently enacted our own Robot Exclusion Protocol in
the form of the new new Privacy Act. Googlebot and presumably whatever sent
it would find themselves in some sort of virtual hot water. In my case real
hot water - Googlebot clearly needs a bath, my dice-patterned undies up an
appropriate orifice, an ERROR 404 painted on it and introduce it to
'tools/internet options/delete files ' - the dumpster - or maybe a garden
gnome role would be better for it.

Nice one.


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