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Date: Mon Feb 25 2002 - 08:38:19 MST

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>More from: Hakim Bey (
>Permanent Temporary Autonomous Zones:
>This is interesting:
>Primitives and Extropians
>a partial extraction follows:
>(should read the full text)
>Amara Graps, PhD email:
>Computational Physics vita:
>Multiplex Answers URL:
> "There are strange things done in the midnight sun..."
> -- Robert W. Service

Ooooh, thank you, Amara, for the links and the extract. I need to read all
this stuff carefully. I've always found much to criticize but also much to
agree with in Wilson's material. You have to burrow through all the
feverish poetic stuff to find it, tho :-}

And yes, Loompanics still exists. Still the same address: Loompanics
Unlimited, PO Box 1197, Port Townsend, Washington 98368 (206)
385-5087. Not sure about the Web site but probably there. I was around
writing in the old Libertarian Connection when Mike Hoy started Loompanics
in the 1970's by publishing an index to the National Lampoon (hence the name).

Another good source of radical material is Ak Press here in the Bay Area at
674-A 23rd Street, Oakland, CA 94612-1163 or Very large
catalog of left, anarchist, sex, fiction, etc. including Noam Chomsky, and
Peter Lamborn Wilson.

Richard Steven Hack

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