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Date: Sat Feb 23 2002 - 17:40:55 MST

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> Subject: Re: sentient rights (was RE: Battleground God)
> Anders Sandberg wrote:
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> > I'm not even sure "maximizing extropy" has any meaning. What if extropy
> > is best regarded as a qualitative property and/or something individual
> > that cannot be compared across individuals?
> >
A way for us to be more extropian/post-human is to develop
a philosophy that overcomes all others. MVT continues
to strengthen as more evidence is found.
Knowledge gives us access to more & better altered
states. The winning argument will exert, historically, the
greatest influence (or be the most powerful meme).
Implanting in memory is just one step.
The most powerful meme/ argument, at least in the
longer term, is that which is "true" - - or least variant
from the natural reality or state of the world in itself.
We should aim for "proof positive" and killer applications.
Demonstrations matter more than words. The academic
school of "Philosophy", founded by Plato, is irrelevent. We
should close the University ghettos and turn the school-men
out into the streets. Philosophers belong in the community.
Socrates lived his philosophy & was greater than his pupil.
It is important to innoculate the populations against the two
wide-spreading virus memes: Supernaturalism (Islam , Xianity &c),
and Materialism. This is because the populations
(of humanoids) are potential posthumans/ more-than-humans
and these viruses & delusional systems are a waste of life force.
Persuasion & appeal to self-interest is more efficient than
confrontation & attempted refutations of irrational belief systems.
Invite the delusionists & theologians adherent to the old ways
to break themselves on the irrefutable Median Vision Theory.
Rather than trying to hypnotise & fool humanoids, my aim as
a therapist is to draw humanoids out of trance, wakefullness.
But a deeper & more relaxing sleep is sometimes a
prerequisite & initial trance deepening or direction change
is needed. This varies between individuals.
By throwing more light we also cast more shadows.
What does it mean to be post-human unless we excel
individually? Understanding mentation makes it easy.

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