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Date: Fri Feb 22 2002 - 19:24:46 MST

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> What exactly are you asking when you say "religion/cult", "exclusive", and
> "on the Internet"? What is exclusive, the religion/cult or the Internet
> usage? Some possible interpretations:

***I was just wondering if some organizations like to keep the Holy Grail of
their religion/cult strictly as information to be accessed by the
internet...if that makes any sense.

> Are there any theists who never go outside and just communicate exclusively
> with other members using the Internet as a medium? (losers)

***Exactly. I am trying to find more about these losers ;-D Didn't the
Heaven's Gate cult start out as exclusively an internet thing?

> Is there a group of people that interact exclusively via email, chat and
> hypertext? (Extropians ;-)
***Simon are you suggesting that Extropians are cult members? heh heh ;-D

> cheers,
> Simon

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