Re: Self-termination and consequences for suspension, was Re: death and life...

From: Lee Daniel Crocker (
Date: Fri Feb 22 2002 - 15:45:43 MST

> (Michael M. Butler <>):
> Mike Lorrey wrote:
> > Well, I don't get sick at the sight of blood, so I'll probably do
> > something like call Alcor then cut my wrists or something when the time
> > comes. What would be nice is to have a do-it-yourself infusion kit to
> > replace your blood with a cryoprotectant while the cryoteam is on its
> > way. When they show up, you are all packed and lubed...
> At least today, that's a bad option because it's general policy for the
> Coroner or ME to do a very invasive autopsy in cases of suicide--partly to
> rule out foul play. Catch-22.
> Perhaps this will change with the times.

Insurance companies also have something to say about that; some
will indeed pay in the case of suicide (with some exclusions), but
many won't: read the fine print.

Also, I should think the best way to go (both in terms of personal
comfort, preservation success, and legal problems) would be to call
Alcor, set up the video camera to record your final wishes and the
act itself, slide into a bathtub full of ice water and shoot up a
fatal dose of Morphine and Heparin. Wrist-slashing is so messy...

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