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From: Lee Daniel Crocker (
Date: Fri Feb 22 2002 - 14:08:16 MST

> (Mike Lorrey <>):
> Thanks for the condolences from everybody.
> Just got off the phone with Rudi Hoffman about insurance options. What
> do the other cryonauts in training here think are good ideas for funding
> this deal?

Depends on your assessment of (1) the odds of new technology
becoming available, (2) your present age/health, (3) your future
earning potential.

If you believe that the odds are very high that either some new
very cheap cryopreservation technology or other life-extension
method will become available before you'll need to pay Alcor, or
if you believe that your future income will allow you to pay cash
when the time comes, then a cheap "term" life policy would be
rational. If you're more conservative, and you want to guarantee
that you'll have the money when it's needed even if you make it
into your hundreds, then you'll want a "whole" life policy. The
latter requires more money up front, but many are flexible enough
to let you choose how it's invested, and you can still back out
if the new tech comes along.

I have a whole life policy myself.

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