Re: sentient rights (was RE: Battleground God)

From: Damien R. Sullivan (
Date: Fri Feb 22 2002 - 09:59:17 MST

>Thus illustrating the primary divide between extropians and
>Rights are not social fictions, they are codified expressions of

You think the right believes in natural rights, and the left doesn't?
Look at the UN Declaration of Human Rights. The left believes deeply in
inherent human rights. Not entirely the same rights as the right (for
whatever value of 'right' might apply to extropians), but rights.

Conversely, the Culture and MacLeod's Solar Union don't believe in
inherent rights; they're both materialist to a high degree, and are
'left', although not obviously statist. I admit I can't easily think of
fictional 'right' societies which don't believe in rights yet are
pleasant to live in. (The Draka and the Chosen meet the first two, but
aren't pleasant.)

Hmm, maybe that makes sense. If you believe in selfishness as a good,
you need ingrained rights to balance that and have a decent society. If
you believe in generosity and helping people as a good, the decent
society shows up automatically.

I have, though, known 'right' people who didn't believe in rights. Like
I said, I was one, and was influenced by one.

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not. We have. I'm sorry you find us so repulsive for that."
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