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From: Eugene Leitl (
Date: Fri Feb 22 2002 - 04:12:21 MST

On Fri, 22 Feb 2002, Bobby June ::..::..:: 9v wrote:

> HTML E-mail
> Itıs funny how the direction of the future appears to be that of
> information flow as seamless and plentiful as air, yet we, the primrose
> progress pushers of tomorrow canıt be ³wide open² with whatever we

Um, in terms of IT we're not exactly the "primrose progress pushers".
Despite a lot of IT professionals around, it has something to do with the
shoemaker's children running barefoot.

> receive from others via these new forms of communication, more robust
> that speech itself.

There's nothing more robust than plain ASCII. It takes lest storage and
lest lines of code to render, and can be read on any devices known to man.

> And I'm not just talking about viruses wiping one's system of all JPEGS.
> I'm talkin' 'bout everyone seeing everyone's booty. (he said booty)

Yes, you said booty. Why on earth?

> HTML is just another step into full immersion. XML next and so on and a
> thousand to follow.

When I'm going to ask for full immersion, I'm going to ask you for
streaming multimedia, cum olfactorics. This is *email*.

> Time to walk the walk that is so damn talked and remain leaders of
> what's next. We should back up our hard drives onto an external Fire
> Wire drive once a day/week/month and surf without worry. All that has

What has your backup practice to with plain text email?

> to be done is to drag one's entire OS/data onto the external drive
> (which are dirt cheap now-a-days) and let it copy. Over night if it's a
> fatty. Then unplug the virus scanned (with current defs), bloated, bus
> powered FW drive and safe thou are. Back it up to DVD as well if you
> gots coin and super anal. I do, I don't and I am.

d00d, you're not making much sense, here, I'm afraid.

> The future demands true ubiquitous exposure. Instead of limiting one's
> experiences, use (and develop!) the creative tools of protection to
> enjoy, enjoy, enjoy - oh yeah, and inform. Otherwise super duper
> singularity evo might snap its fingers and leave the apprehensive behind
> to be and eat meat.

Nonsequitur - 'gene

> Everywhereward - Bobby

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