Re: Robert Bradbury is offline...

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Thu Feb 21 2002 - 09:37:51 MST

Brian D Williams wrote:
> >From: Mike Lorrey <>
> >For those of you who might be concerned at Robert's notable
> >absence from the list the last couple days, he is suffering from
> >a lack of connectivity at the moment, thanks to his phone
> >company's unmentionable dedication to quality service. He should
> >be back online in a few days...
> Just for the record it's not the RBOC's that are keeping fiber from
> your door.
> I was part of "Project Lightwave" in 1991. The stated purpose was
> to completely replace the network with fiber by the year 2000.
> Then the FCC, the local CC's, the cable companies, the long
> distance companies, and the NGO's got involved. This resulted in
> the telecom act of 1996. Killed the project.
> Now we have the PLEC's (parasitic local exchange carriers) and
> until the rules change, fiber is dead.
> H.R. 1542 Tauzin-Dingell is up for a vote again, if it passes we
> would embark on a fiber everywhere plan. If it does not pass, it
> will be business as usual.

Just for the record, we here in NH have been fighting tooth and nail
against Verizon's use of its local monopoly to prevent the customer base
from improving its technology until Verizon has gotten what it thinks is
a decent ROI on existing infrastructure. When will we get fiber? Oh,
sometime over the verizon.... i.e. never.

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