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Date: Thu Feb 21 2002 - 08:26:22 MST

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>>Brian D Williams wrote:
>>I've recently discovered how complex the area of fragrances is,
>>it's normal for a fragrance to have two or even three separate
>>presentations, the chemistry gets quite complex.

>>My longtime favorites: Old Spice, and Jovan Musk.

>Mid-Western Man thru-and-thru!

Guilty as charged, although I've added a half dozen or so recently,
including all those I recommended to Anders. It's like a new hobby.

All other recomendations welcome.

>Here: I'm Envy, Aspen and Contradiction.
>Name my State.

"Aspen" makes me think Colorado obviously.
"Contradiction" guessing Washington D.C.
"Envy" probably Oregon (California envy)

I'll stick with Colorado as my final answer.

>My attempt at Eau d'Extrope:
>(meshing previous offerings)

>Commission Chihuly for the blown glass
>-smoked glass cube
>-encasing a pearlized chaosphere
>-four pairs of double-helixed-like semi-permeable tubings,
>connecting to
>opposing vertices of the cube
>-each pair: one tubing from high to low concentration
>-----the other tubing from low to high concentration

>Self-configuring scent assembler
>-bio-dipsticks with a drop of armpit sweat from each
>-sex/gender irrelevant
>-#attractors/#attractees insignificant
>-insert into SCSA

<rest of very good post edited for brevity>

>Vision/Patchouli.Grounded Stability/

Sounds like what Natasha was looking for.

>'course, we need to add Spikenard (Sweet Surrender) in there

Does this mean Doug Jones's needs a LOX powered applicator?

And Amara's would have to be bottle only since the space diamond
dust would clog a spray nozzle.


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