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Date: Wed Feb 20 2002 - 18:52:16 MST

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Dear Sci Cryonics,

Oh, yeah--sci.cryonics...

I am writing as I am very keen to hear from anyone who is 22-34 yrs
old and who is interested in cryonics for an exciting new documentary
series that we are making for the BBC about the 22-34 generation.

'Born in the 70s' is an in-depth exploration of what British twenty
and early thirty-somethings really get up to… What do we eat, think,
smoke and say? Who do we sleep with, where, when, how often and for
just how long? How happy are we with what we've got and how hard do we
work to change it? How do we feel about death and what are we most
passionate about?

Starting from a brand new, comprehensive survey conducted throughout
Britain, 'Born in the 70s' is filled with personal stories not only
from the seemingly ordinary people who conform to every average, but
also from the extraordinary people whose quirky extremes help to shape
the attitudes and aspirations of this generation. It is guaranteed to
get the audience talking, and as one of the first high profile
programmes for the BBC's newest channel - BBC 3, 'Born in the 70s'
will have a media impact that reaches far beyond the screen.

These fascinating revelations will be brought to life using the kind
of computer generated effects that made 'The Human Body' and 'Walking
with Dinosaurs' such compelling TV. We are going to create the average
face, hear the average voice and visit the average bedroom of young
Britain. Then we'll scour the country to find and crown a real life Mr
and Mrs Average UK 2002. From friendships to fashions and sex lives to
spending sprees, from the stuff we put into our bodies to the things
that come out, 'Born in the 70s' is a ground breaking and ambitious
new TV series, creating the first ever Doomsday book for the MTV

This ten part series of half hour programmes will take a fresh look at
our homes, offices, relationships, health, values, sex lives, friends,
bodies as well as the way we feel about our looks and where and how we
like to go clubbing – and we are looking for as many people possible
to get involved.

As I mentioned, I would be delighted if you were to consider helping
us with the programme that we are making about health as we are very
keen to talk to someone between 22-34yrs old who is interested in
cryonics – for a section within the programme that looks at death and
our attitudes towards death. The story would be filmed from the
contributor's pespective.

Please do not hesitate to give me a ring at the office on my direct
line 0207 284 8187 (or through the switchboard on 0207 284 8181) or by
email at

if I can be of any further assistance.

Many thanks for your kind consideration in this matter,

Yours sincerely,

Louisa Rowland,
Associate Producer
‘Born in the 70s'
Outline Productions for BBC3/Choice

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