Re: John Nash, proto-Extropian?

From: Richard Steven Hack (
Date: Wed Feb 20 2002 - 15:50:46 MST

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> >From: Anders Sandberg <>
> >I consider this anti-body ideological syndrome something of a
> >pathology we should be on guard against in our own thinking. Sure,
> >we want *better* bodies, maybe even entirely virtual bodies one
> >day. We want to be able to think rationally and not be controlled
> >by atavisms or obsolete genetic programming. But at the same time
> >we are seeking to extend the truly human aspects of ourselves: our
> >ability to choose our own path, our ability to be truly individual
> >- both alone and in groups, we want to extend and enhance our
> >aesthetics, emotions and ambitions. We will always have flaws and
> >limits, but we will strive to overcome them rather than yearn for
> >some unachievable perfect state. We seek to become *more*, not
> >less.
>I liked the way they dealt with this in "Ventus", augmented beings,
>some with a nanotech core around the spine.
>Augment and accentuate, not necessarily replace.

So when you have a brain that thinks a million times as fast as a human
brain, you want to totter around on two legs?

People, when fully developed nanotech is here, there will be NO need for a
human body or human brain as we know it. As Esfandiary said once, the
human brain is like a mud-hut in Mexico - you can string pretty lights
around it, move in some good-looking pigs, but it's still a mud-hut...

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