Re: EXTROPY: The Fragrance?

From: Simon McClenahan (
Date: Wed Feb 20 2002 - 11:46:01 MST

For an entity that is sophisticated enough to have a natural language
interface, I doubt that it would need any sort of container. A nanobot cloud
could be told to stay put, maybe self-contained in some sort of appealing
user-configurable shape, or mask the smell of my armpits as appropriate for
the social norms that I am mingling with. These nanobots would have to
self-destruct after they have been consumed by an olfactory sense, simply
for the reason that the manufacturer would make money by manufacturing more
for market demand :-)


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> --- Brian D Williams <> wrote:
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> > Okay what does the fragrance "Extropy" smell like?
> It would be user configurable (i.e. it would smell
> however you wanted it to smell) with a natural
> language interface.
> > What does the container look like?
> A Klein Bottle, of course!

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