Re: Hole in a box

From: Louis Newstrom (
Date: Wed Feb 20 2002 - 05:33:03 MST

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From: "Anders Sandberg" <>
> You can only move slower than c. Storage and retrieval of data will
> take exponentially increasing time as it gets longer.
> ...
> If you
> settle for a 100 billion lightyear distance, then you can't use any
> character higher than 92 (backslash in ascii) if you want to fit it in.

First of all, that was only a simple example to show it could be done. The
distance problem could be optimized a little.

On the other hand, once people are uploaded, time is irrelevant. If the
system takes a year per cycle, the uploads won't notice. They will always
perceive "normal" speed.

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