Self-loathing of the body among transhumanists

From: John Grigg (
Date: Wed Feb 20 2002 - 02:04:20 MST

Anders wrote:
I consider this anti-body ideological syndrome something of a pathology
we should be on guard against in our own thinking. Sure, we want
*better* bodies, maybe even entirely virtual bodies one day. We want to
be able to think rationally and not be controlled by atavisms or
obsolete genetic programming. But at the same time we are seeking to
extend the truly human aspects of ourselves: our ability to choose our
own path, our ability to be truly individual - both alone and in groups,
we want to extend and enhance our aesthetics, emotions and ambitions. We
will always have flaws and limits, but we will strive to overcome them
rather than yearn for some unachievable perfect state. We seek to become
*more*, not less.

Anders, I found your words very insightful. I recently met a highschool age young man in Extropy chat who was an ardent Singulitarian. I realize he is young and still developing his mind and views, but still I found some of his comments very disturbing. He greeted me initially by saying "how was your meaty day?" And continued throughout the conversation on how he truly despised his "meat body" and wanted desperately to be uploaded to finally be free of it. The severity of his obsession made me wonder if this could negatively affect his body image.

This fellow wanted to put aside many human activities(like dating, etc.) to totally focus his life on helping to bring about the Singularity. I appreciate his good intentions and fervor, but it did make me wonder whether he will have regrets down the road.

I realize he is young, and both during and after college may very much change from what he is now. But I do see a real possible dark side to the transhumanist obsession with uploading and moving away from the "pathetic and inferior body." Have there ever been anorexics who just really hated their meatsicle bodies??

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