Re: BIOTECH: First Cloned Cat

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Tue Feb 19 2002 - 11:22:34 MST

There is an interesting column by Jonathan Yardley in the paper about
the cat cloning, albiet he does have a "I am mortal and proud of it"
attitude and celebrates the fact that the clones are not, in fact,
carbon copies, going on to preen about how each individual soul is truly
a miracle of creation, blah blah blah. He does however, make a few
points that would be useful for meme bombing the luddites with.

Harvey Newstrom wrote:
> Chris Hibbert wrote,
> > If you want the clone to look exactly like the
> > original, better start with a breed where the appearance doesn't vary much
> > from individual to individual.
> >
> > Human twins don't have identical fingerprints. It's the same principle.
> I understand this, having minored in biology and having a twin brother
> myself. My point was that people will not be able to use this to duplicate
> their loved pet. The new pet will have a different personality and
> appearance.

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