Re: Hole in a box

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Tue Feb 19 2002 - 07:01:57 MST

John Grigg wrote:
> Damien Broderick wrote:
> [of course American bookshops also hate selling Australian science fiction,
> but they have more excuse. Who? Where? Huh? Very few customers here in
> Biloxi read Austrian.]
> (end)
> Damien, I have not found this to be the case in my part of the world. A book having been written by an Australian is seen as a major marketing point to be emphasized. Don't you realize Americans love aussies?? : ) We realize your nation has much mor
e to offer than just Foster's, Paul Hogan, rugby, Elle McPherson, and koala bears.

You mean that australians can write? ;) That astounding fact makes it
assured that a book by an australian will at least corner the curiosity

Elle McPherson makes up for the rest, though.

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