RE: Hole in a box

From: Eugene Leitl (
Date: Tue Feb 19 2002 - 03:48:07 MST

On Tue, 19 Feb 2002, Emlyn O'regan wrote:

> What I was originally asking, btw, was whether the concept of a dyson
> sphere (or cloud, or m-brain variant, or some other derivative of the
> shell-enclosing-power-source concept), would make sense using a black
> hole (into which you throw a lot of stuff), rather than the traditional
> star. From the above, I _think_ that I can assume that it could make

Assuming, singularities are real, there are two classes of them: those
evaporating, and those growing. Evaporation is a runaway process, so
depending on whether singularities were created during Big Bang, and their
size spectrum, there are from zero to very few evaporating singularities
still left. Their luminosity is negligible as far as astronomical objects
is concerned, and their only detectable feature is a weird spectrum
(perfect blackbody, assuming they're really information destruction
devices, and do not radiate information of objects dropped into them
encoded in photons).

Assuming, you can't make those (presumably, requiring devices on stellar
to galactic scales), those found naturally are negligible as power source.
If you can make them, and homeostate their mass by feeding them (with
worthless stuff such as iron, for instance) they're very handy do
catalytically convert any matter according to E=mc^2 into Hawking
blackbody radiation.

> sense, assuming one has such astronomical (!) amounts of matter to play
> with, and would prefer a lot of energy to a lot of matter.

At least in this solar system, the output of the Sun is insufficient to
drive computation of devices constructed from mass outside of the star.

> Here, I'm thinking of an SI which is burning its candle at both ends, so
> to speak. Why not?

Pressume to maximize the niche would seem to cause expansion to intercept
all available natural output, and then use of fission and fusion (or
other, yet hypothetical power sources) to make use of all the rest of the

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