From: Chen Yixiong, Eric (
Date: Tue Feb 19 2002 - 03:14:13 MST

> Your proposal is not a "solution" as all the possibilities of
> disaster go with you. Solve the problem here or elsewhere, it
> is still the same problem. Running off to build space colonies
> will simply distract from actually facing the problem.

I would throw my lot behind the proposed idea of space colonies, contingent on developing a low cost way to build them (such as a
space elevator) or mining asteroids or the moon. Otherwise, a series of floating cities very high in the sky would probably offer
good enough coverage for most purposes.

For those new here, I have my own project at for developing a technological society. The project focuses
more on a new theory of social systems (which it seems most people neglect or have great misunderstanding with) and I didn't expect
it to begin operating anytime soon, as I expect the neccessary technology, social knowledge and motivation to reach maturity only
near the year 2050.

Should we have to learn the lesson of "putting all our eggs in our basket" the hard or the easy way? If you spend a good chunck of
you money to buy insurance for yourself or your family, you might consider this additional coverage. And when did the insurance
agents ever give us discounts?

Why do we have to think of insurance in a negative way? If you insured your house from theft, then does that mean you would sit
around waiting to get robbed? If you insured your yourself from accidents, then do you beglect yourself so much that you get into

How can we run away from the problems on Earth by buying insurance? How do we know our plans work, or do we even have any plans at
all? Why not have a catch-all backup system that can pay dividends, by pioneering space-related technology and also giving those
technologically primitive earthlings a motivation to get into space?

By the time a doomsday asteroid comes, its too late to hug the Buddha's leg, as a Chinese idiom goes. Do you think you can evacuate
enough people in 3 day's time, or even a year's time? Meanwhile, I would probably consider signing up for cryogenics, but the
cryogenics storage center had better reside somewhere *not* on planet Earth.

See you in the future.

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