RE: Hole in a box

Date: Mon Feb 18 2002 - 21:50:31 MST

D.B. wrote:
<<I wasn't going to mention this, because it sounds like self-promotion and I
already do too much of that, but this is pretty much the device I used in
THE WHITE ABACUS, except that instead of a black hole I used a magnetically
stabilized metric defect and instead of a Dyson surround I used a hollowed asteroid, but power was generated by feeding gas into the thing's accretion
disk. No, I didn't really do anything much in the way of calculations, although it's modelled on a Hawking micro-hole.

Damien Broderick>>

More grist for your, mill D.B.
Physicas archive at LANL 17 Feb 2002 (a shorty)
Gr-Qc/0202059v1 Wormholes supported by pure ghost radiation

also: If you ever get into a Charles Sheffield-ish mood (and who doesn't) Consider this new 52-pager regarding cyclic universes.

Lanl Archives: Hep-Th/0202017 v2 16 Feb 2002 by Gary Felder,Andrei Frolov, Lev Kofman, all from the U of Toronto (wonders if Professor Walker has ever met them?)
Oh yes also Andrei Linde of Stanford University. I be name dropping, but consider me a star-struck Yankee. Or just a schmuck, either will suffice. :-D

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