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> << So it seems that we would expect that hot or high-density civilizations
> would want to gather as much matter as possible for storage, while cool
> civilizations with lower memory density would rather burn their matter
> to power their computers. So given these assumptions the really advanced
> civilisations using nuclear storage would likely want to imitate cosmic
> dark matter... >>
> Gulp! Which means that 70% of all matter (by one estimate) is dark matter,
> which means aieeeeeee! Giant alien computation systems,all sittting out in
> the cold, darkness...Now is this hot dark matter or cold dark matter?? Are we
> talking baryons or fermions?

Well, if the aliens are optimal, then they would be storing all that
matter for the far future when the surrounding universe has become
comfortably cold (less entropy costs of computation). Even if they are
nibbling away at their stores, they would likely want to keep close to
the ambient temperature and mainly use irreversible processes to do
error correction. So it is definitely cold dark matter.

Whether it is bosons or fermions is hard to guess, but bosons doesn't
seem very good at storing information or keeping themselves together, so
they would just be mass/energy storage and the functional parts would
likely be fermionic stuff.

Scenarios like this are neat, but they always make me wonder why there
are galaxies left around. Zones of thought are too epicyclical for my
taste :-)

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