Re: REPRODUCTION: choosing embryos

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Mon Feb 18 2002 - 09:48:57 MST

Jacques Du Pasquier wrote:
> Vanessa Novaeris wrote (18.2.2002/08:35) :
> > <DIV>Its a really difficult question - how do you raise a child? Its not like they&nbsp;emerge from the womb&nbsp;with maintainance manuals or anything. I'm just glad I don't have any of my own so I won't have to lose sleep over it (like I know my par
ents do about me :P)</DIV>
> It's quite plain and simple, actually. Educate etymologically means to
> lead outside. Just take the provocative suggestion by Robert, put a
> "not" operator in front of it, and you get what it is :-) You care
> about the child, so you support it and then try to make it independent
> and happy, i.e. seeking with success the goals that correspond to its
> own valuations.

My little brother says that having a kid kinda switched on something in
him that made him want to take responsibility and not resent it. I still
watch from the sidelines and cheer, "I like other people's kids."

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