Re: Invasion of the Meme Snatchers

From: Mark Walker (
Date: Sun Feb 17 2002 - 11:52:47 MST

From: "Phil Osborn" <>
To: <>

> Sound almost like Christianity. Isn't this mortal realm (substitute
"virtual universe") >supposed to be God's test, with the successful
candidates going on to serve Him forever >after?
Well that is one tradition in Christian theology. Another tradition has it
that this realm is for soul-building. I gave a talk on this topic at the
University of Toronto a couple of weeks ago to a group of about 50 mostly
senior academics. (Roughly about 1/3 of whom were either theologians/priests
or ministers, 1/3 scientists, and 1/3 from the humanities). I argued that a
proper understanding of Christianity implies transhumanism, that is, that we
should attempt to become as godlike as possible. There was a lively
discussion afterwards. :) (The talk was a Readers digest version of ). Mark.

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