Movie: Childhood's End

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Date: Sun Feb 17 2002 - 18:27:31 MST

>Childhood's End
>Genre: Science Fiction.
>Studio: Universal Pictures.
>Production Company: Universal Pictures/Beacon Pictures.
>Project Phase: Development Hell.
>Who's In It: Unknown.
>Who's Making It: Kimberly Peirce (Director); Armyan Bernstein, Rudy
>Langlais (Producers); based on the novel Childhood's End by Arthur
>C. Clarke.
>Premise: When at first the giant silver spaceships of the Overlords
>descend appear in the skies above the world's major cities, humanity
>fears the worst: alien invasion. But when contact with the Overlords
>is established, the aliens are found not just to be friendly and
>willing to share their technology with us, but also reclusive and
>remain unseen. A decade passes, until finally the day comes the
>aliens decide to emerge from their ships and show us what they look
>By this time, the last generation of Mankind will have been born on
>Release Date: Unknown.
>Comments: One of Arthur C. Clarke's most popular novels (perhaps
>second after the 2001 series), Childhood's End has been trapped in
>development hell for more than two decades -- in fact, so long that
>other films have since come and gone that have similar premises, or
>even visual sequences (the giant UFOs that descend over the world's
>major cities in the NBC mini-series V, or the ships from
>Independence Day are probably the two best-known examples.)
>Rumors: Unknown.
>Scoop Feedback:
>February 1, 2002... Kimberly Peirce, director of 1998's acclaimed
>Boys Don't Cry (for which Hilary Swank won Best Actress honors), is
>now attached to direct the Childhood's End movie. The book's rights
>are owned by Beacon Pictures, and Armyan Bernstein and Rudy
>Langlais, both with Beacon, are also onboard to produce the film. A
>screenwriter is being presently sought. [Source: The Hollywood

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