Re: AGING: perhaps we are over the hump

From: Robert J. Bradbury (
Date: Sun Feb 17 2002 - 09:29:46 MST

I had said:
> > The exowomb article had a pointer at the end to this article:
> >
> > Discovery of 'Methuselah gene' unlocks secret of long life
> >,6903,644020,00.html
> Article seems unimaginative. Drugs, hell. Wouldn't the "zinc
> finger" stuff for turning on/off genes work with this?

Yes Samantha of course. But we are *way* out in front of the
pack in our awareness at that level. I was simply using the
Decode efforts to strengthen the Perls results (in Science one
wants replication of results).

In the final analysis the devil will be in the details.
If its as simple as a gene that promotes maintenance and
repair in younger individuals that gets turned off at
puberty, then it may be relatively easy to reverse the
gene state in adults. If its something much more complex
than that, it may be a lot more difficult than designing a
new zinc finger protein to change the state of that gene's
expression level.

We must sit on the edge of our chairs and watch the parade go by.

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