Re: REPRODUCTION: choosing embryos

From: Jacques Du Pasquier (
Date: Sat Feb 16 2002 - 19:11:24 MST wrote (16.2.2002/11:08) :
> As for the anti-Extropianism of giving birth to a conscious entity
> with the intention of making him into a little slave who never frees
> himself from his mother's apron strings, I hope that speaks for itself.

In fact, I think it is pretty much the worst thing that parents can do
with their children, and it does happen a lot and does generate a lot
of suffering, as I have very often observed around me to various
degrees. It is the essence of parental abuse, and I am thankful for my
own parents to have deliberately and carefuly avoided anything like

In the serene independence from them that they actively helped me to
build, I ended up realizing that they are great folks and deep
friends, and -- getting back to the original point -- that I am
willing to help them. Had I been disrespected and used to their ends,
I might be dependent as intended and love them in a dependent sort of
way, but I would most probably hate them, too, and look forward to the
relief of their disparition (instead of pondering cryo arrangements).


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