Re: Invasion of the Meme Snatchers

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Sat Feb 16 2002 - 08:18:26 MST

Mark Walker wrote:
> Mike Lorrey wrote,
> > I just went to donate blood today and participated in the pheresis
> > procedure, where they filter out the red blood cells and give you back
> > your plasma and platelets. A similar process could be instituted on
> > college campuses to process students blood and test it for presence of
> > nanoprobes and their side products. If you expect that x percent of
> > nanoprobes will fail in a given amount of time, you should find some in
> > any given sample of blood.
> >
> > Now, to prevent the nanites from suspecting anything, if you disguise
> > the process as a run of the mill pheresis procedure, so that even the
> > students dont know they are being scanned, then it should be possible to
> > spot them if they are in fact there. Now, you could target specific
> > individuals by running a totally separate study to privately interview
> > individuals who have had hynogogic experiences in the past, then focus
> > on them when they go to 'give blood'.
> >
> Mike, what you say might be a tricky way to observe the ETs, however, the
> real trick is to find a means where we can sustain the knowledge. It may be
> that your proposals has been tried dozens of times and we have discovered
> the existence of nanobots each time. The trouble of course is that each time
> the nanobots destroy the relevant knowledge. For example, they erase the
> physical records and replace the memories of conducting the experiment with
> something else. Think of the ET nanobots as akin to a virus. We need
> something that would discover and purge the virus in one fell swoop. Here's
> a sad thought: everytime our civilization verges on discovering nano and
> SIAI history is reset. Imagine that the nanobots destroy all the
> infrastructure of our civilization and recreate the world as it was in 495
> BC. Presumably many people would have to be purged, since there are so many
> more today, and those that remained would have to have their memories
> altered. Bummer. Mark.

Ah, but here is the really tricky part:
I am running said experiment (hypothetically) and I want to ensure that
I am free of influence, so I make sure that I am fully aware the
pheresis procedure is a cover for a nanite detecting mission, and submit
MYSELF for pheresis. Since I know its to detect nanites, then any
nanites inside me will also know this, and will evacuate my body
temporarily, long enough to get real results and broadcast them to the

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