LIST ETIQUETTE: Re: Posting to this listserve - a request

From: Michael M. Butler (
Date: Fri Feb 15 2002 - 12:46:16 MST

Intelligent, sophisticated--also forgetful and undisciplined ("Lazy"? Perish the thought!), sometimes.
In some cases whole-quoting is due to a desire to not leave out context because of past experience
with people losing each others' threads of thought because of _under_ quoting. The medium has so many
limitations that paper has not, and Edwardian-quality correspondence is not practiced by most here.

But trimming posts remains a significant courtesy, and from time to time a reminder is helpful.
"Basic" is not the same as "habitual". It seems it was your turn to courteously remind folks. Thanks.



Lil Peck wrote:
> When posting to this list, if you please, turn off your "autoquotes," or
> trim down the quote of the post you are replying to, so that only a relevant
> line or two is quoted. You folks are so intelligent and sophisticated, that
> I am surprised that you tend to overlook that basic courtesy.
> --Lil

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