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Date: Fri Feb 15 2002 - 12:08:06 MST

>From: Mike Lorrey <>

>I'm wondering why chip companies are not looking at building MEMS
>cooling systems into chips, and why they are not already designing
>cooling ports into the chips. A number of evenly spaced venturi
>ports across the chip face for the fan to draw air through should
>provide a significant increase in cooling. As chip designs get
>thicker, this will be a very necessary design feature.

>Dust buildup in the PC is easily compensated for by use of HEPA or
>HEPA-like filtration on a positive pressure fan on the power

>As for nano devices, well, I think that the designers will have to
>figure out how to use lasing to cool them, though switching to
>optical computation will go a long way to reducing thermal
>problems. Note that heat is simply low grade photons, so a
>photonic chip that dumps high energy photons after use should
>effectively reduce thermal noise.

The March issue of WIRED has a blurb about a breakthrough in
thermoelectric cooling, the new process is 2.5 times more efficient
and 23,000 times faster.

It was accomplished at North Carolina's Research Triangle Institute
under a DARPA grant.

The new structure is an atomically precise super lattice of bismuth
telluride. one layered with antimony (antimony twice in two days?)
telluride, and one with bismuth telluride selenide. Spot cooling of
processors is mentioned, and since the device is actually a heat
pump as well, localized heating/cooling for DNA Microarrays is

Lead scientist Rama Venkatasubramanian.

The March issue's focus is AI (kind of weak) and there's another
blurb about Eweapons Mike...


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