Re: Vedic nanotechnology, with diamondoid spacecraft

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Fri Feb 15 2002 - 02:03:43 MST

You could do worse for a theory of everything earthly than to
consider the earth as a sort of Singularity glider gun (well,
doesn't quite work) occassionally giving rise to a Singularity
where the uploads and SIs after hanging around for a while take
off for elsewhere/when. Only those who decided not to go are
left - along with legends and myths about the "gods" and vague
notions of how the remaining ones must change to reach "heaven".

- samantha

Damien Broderick wrote:

> Nothing new, Dr Drexler, same old same old:
> ============================
> After Kardama Muni married Devahuti, he decided at a certain point to take
> her on a tour of the universe.
> To do this, he manifested an aerial mansion (called, as usual, a vimdna)
> that was lavishly equipped as a
> pleasure palace. Here the sage Maitreya relates the story of this
> mansion to his disciple Vidura:
> Maitreya continued: O Vidura, seeking to please his beloved wife, the sage
> Kardama exercised his yogic
> power and instantly produced an aerial mansion that could travel
> at his will.
> It was a wonderful structure, bedecked with all sorts of jewels, adorned
> with pillars of precious stones,
> and capable of yielding whatever one desired. It was equipped with every
> form of furniture and wealth,
> which tended to increase in the course of time....
> With the choicest rubies set in its diamond walls, it appeared as
> though possessed of eyes. It was
> furnished with wonderful canopies and greatly valuable gates of
> gold.
> Here and there in that palace were multitudes of live swans and pigeons,
> as well as artificial swans and
> pigeons so lifelike that the real swans rose above them again and again,
> thinking them live birds like
> themselves. Thus the palace vibrated with the sounds of these
> birds.
> The castle had pleasure grounds, resting chambers, bedrooms and inner and
> outer yards designed with an
> eye to comfort. All this caused astonishment to the sage
> himself.33
> [the useful provenance footnote, alas, is absent from the site:]
> Damien Broderick

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