Re: Bye-Bye to the >H Right Wing

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Thu Feb 14 2002 - 12:12:20 MST

Arona Ndiaye wrote:
> 1. I **still** do not know what negative experience you had. Remember *** I
> am not attacking you but really wish to know**
> Mentioning that through you work, you came to be in contact with users
> or/and addicts or that one of your business partner was a cocaine user, does
> not give me any info whatsoever on what negative experience might have come
> out of it.

Once, again, you apparently did NOT read my prior posts on this thread.

> 2. I am asking you to incriminate yourself ? I was not aware of it. I happen
> to be someone that feely discuss just about anything with just about anyone.
> Just because I am asking you something which you wouldn't want to be known,
> does not imply that I am 'asking you to incriminate yourself'. Why are you
> feeling attacked ? Why leave it at that ?

If you were not aware, use of marijuana, cocaine, exctasy, heroine, PCP,
methamphetamines, or anything other than caffeine, alcohol, and
nicotine, are generally quite illegal activities. As this is a public
forum, asking me to admit participating in illegal activities is asking
me to incriminate myself in a manner which is considered admissable
evidence in court.

> I really read all your previous posts in this thread and I still do not know
> what exact experiences gave you the knowledge which you seem to have. I want
> concrete stuff, examples, something that can widen my map. Something I can
> grind on. Is that wrong ?

While I can understand that since you are not a native english speaker
you might not have completely comprehended my prior statements, further
detailing them or elaborating on them would result in my incriminating

Be that as it may, when your mother told you it was a very stupid thing
to jump off a cliff, did you doubt her word, even if she had never
jumped off a cliff before in her life?

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