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<< BTW: One large reason among several for me deciding not to return to
 live in the U.S. is the U.S government's current "War on *"
 stupidities. There's a bit more sane attitude about that nonsense in
 Europe. But maybe not for long. >>

My take on this goes something like this. World War 3 was won by the
republics against the Soviet Union, circa 1991. This is currently World War
4, and its being fought against terrorism. Terrorism from whom? Terrorism
from Islamic Fundamentalist Muslims. This war will take a long time, and
victory by the USA is by no means assured. Like the Cold War before it, this
war is ideological. What is at stake? For whatever reason, as is now being
demonstrated with that London educated sheik, who is on the run from the
authorities (allegedly). This fellow, along with millions of fellow Muslims
yearn for the destruction of America and the founding of Sharia, and a new
Muslim ascendency. >>>

  This comment brings something to mind that I read and found amusing.
(loosely paraphrased) (back in a science fiction tome found in a school
library lo these many years ago)
  World War 1 was a war where the chemists showed their mettle.
(Chemical weapons etc.).
  World War 2 was of course the war of the physicists. Nuke nuke nuke.
 The suggestion was made that World War 3 would be the war of
the biologists...
  and World War 4 would be the War of the psychologists.
  I wonder if this is out of order ? :)

   I'll take WW1 as a chemist's war, and WW2 as a physicist's war,
but WW3 (the Cold War) I rather thought THAT was a psychologist's
war. A war of propaganda, maneuver, bluff etc. This War on terrorism
is perhaps the "fighting of the last war" with the weapons (mass media,
mob psychology etc.) we developed in the Last Big One.
It's working marvelously.
assumed we would be using the weapons of the Last Big One to
prosecute the Cold War, but we didn't, not exactly. More of
a War via marketing to muster the economic clout to outlast
socialism (at least in it's extreme form).
  Assume that the chem-phys-psych-bio progression is essentially
sound. What sort of war would WW4 be?
  Who are the likely enemies?....
   It's 1920.. where is the Evil Axis?


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