Re: Googlewhacking...

From: Jacques Du Pasquier (
Date: Wed Feb 13 2002 - 14:31:47 MST wrote (13.2.2002/12:31) :
> Of course any post of a googlewhacked pair to an archived mailing list
> such as this one will ruin it as soon as Google reindexes the list
> archive, for then the archived message will be a hit as well.
> By the same token you can create self-referential googlewhacks by posting
> any pair of words which gets 0 hits; then once the message gets indexed
> it will point at itself.

Yes, except that with stating
"Disallow: /exi-lists/" and the just-relocated Javien archive not
linked to from anywhere ( at altavista gives
0 match), no-one knows when indexation will actually occur.


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