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Date: Wed Feb 13 2002 - 12:32:23 MST

On Wed, 13 Feb 2002 11:28:58
hal wrote:
>Anders writes, regarding the "tyranny of condescension":
>> It is not obvious that the "tyranny" is even possible as stated. It is
>> the old problem of information again; while the AI may (somehow) get
>> around the usual problem that the ruling entity does not have full
>> information about the desires and actions of its subjects, it still is
>> forced to deal with an immense optimization problem that has to be
>> solved in real-time. It is not clear whether this would involve
>> preventing any bad encounter (and thus ending up with the risk of ending
>> up in a local optimum leading to a far worse long-term outcome) or
>> allowing some to happen in order to prevent worse problems in the
>> future. To some extent this is what people do all the time - just think
>> of a good host or hostess at a party - but it is not obvious at all that
>> this can be scaled up arbitrarily.
>Actually there is a simple technology which the AIs can exploit to
>guide every facet of human society, arranging people's lives, guiding
>their meetings and encounters. This is the key to the pervasive yet
>nearly invisible control which keeps the entire human world running

Hal replied:
>They control the traffic lights.

Very funny!! And will these be "friendly" AI? lol Actually, chesire morgan and I will be using our traffic light changing psi/magickal powers to rebel against the AI tyranny!! And we will train others, who in turn will also train others!

In the meantime, Brian Williams will use his electrical/computing scientific skills in this great rebellion, but to much greater effect! : )

best wishes,


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