SPACE/COM: Iridium going strong

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Wed Feb 13 2002 - 09:49:37 MST

Iridium Satellite, LLC, the new owner of the Iridium communications
constellation of satellites, has just launched 5 new spare satellites on
a Boeing Delta 2 rocket, and will be launching another 2 spares in June
on a Russian booster, bringing its fleet of spares up to 14, above the
60 operational satellites. Iridium Satellite reports that its satellites
endurance and performance are exceeding design specs by wide margins,
greatly reducing the need to replace operational satellites. Its current
fleet is expected to service it growing number of customers until at
least 2010.

The US Govt, IS's prime customer, is expected to extend its current $72
million contract for service to the year 2007, making its value over
$252 million.

This is the 101st Delta 2 launch and the 290th launch of any Delta
rocket since it entered service in 1960.

Mike Lorrey

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