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Date: Wed Feb 13 2002 - 09:15:42 MST

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<< Here's the price tag in the name of green worship: $43 million in more than
 600 attacks since 1996 (yes, they've been busy). Their tradecraft includes
 spray-painting graffiti, breaking windows, firebombing research centers and
 ski resorts. $12 million alone in the Vail, Colorado attack. This all
 according to FBI expert James F. Jarboe. >>

Paltry. Look at the impact financially of Fundamentalist Islamic "guerilla
actions". Look at the WTC, the Pentagon, the crashed airplane in
Pennsylvania. Paltry, and chump change to boot! What is plausible is the
eventual connection between Islam Fundies and either Leftwing or Rightwing
creepoids. Why not? If there is money to be had, and the Middle Easterners
are willing to give Jimmy Bob some plastique, or Tammy Tree-Hugger a bunch of
tear gas.....fill in the blanks. Al Qeida is reported to be looking for non
Middle Easterners to further its goals in the US. A match made in Dachau, if
you ask me, a natural.

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