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FBI: Left Wing Green Terrorists the most active terror organization in the
Report by J.J. Johnson - Sierra Times.com: 02.13.02

WASHINGTON -- Move over Al-Queda. It's now official: The Earth Liberation
Front, a left wing organization that has carried out 600 attacks since 1996
has become the largest and most active U.S.-based terrorist group, the FBI's
top domestic terrorism officer said Tuesday.
But you might see this report buried in the inside of your Wednesday fish
wrap. Kenneth Lay will get all the glory for taking the fifth in front of
Congress Tuesday. But the House Subcommittee on Forests and Forest Health's
efforts to shed light on the Earth Liberation Front and it's partners in
crime, the Animal Liberation Front, were frustrated when former ELF
spokesman Craig Rosebraugh also refused to answer questions from members of
Congress. Go figure - he's got more to hide.

Remember: According to the FBI, Rosebraugh's organization has done more
damage in America than even the Enron Corporation.

"I'll take the Fifth Amendment," Rosebraugh said more than 50 times to
questions ranging from whether he helped produce an ELF terrorist training
film to who was paying for his attorney.

Rosebraugh was subpoenaed to testify by Rep. Scott McInnis, R-Colo.,
Chairman of the House Subcommittee.

As published here in the past at Sierra Times, Rosebraugh was the mouthpiece
for the left-wing, extremist terrorists organization. He at least admitted
relaying anonymous messages on ELF's behalf from 1997 until he quit last
September, but had no firsthand knowledge of any attacks.

Innocent Arabs are in jail for less.

Here's the price tag in the name of green worship: $43 million in more than
600 attacks since 1996 (yes, they've been busy). Their tradecraft includes
spray-painting graffiti, breaking windows, firebombing research centers and
ski resorts. $12 million alone in the Vail, Colorado attack. This all
according to FBI expert James F. Jarboe.

"They're the most active. They cause the most damage," Jarboe told the
subcommittee, but the state-sponsored news version will make sure to let you
know that white supremacist groups are still considered more dangerous
because their attacks are often aimed at people. What they won't tell you is
that no white supremacist group is listed as a 'terrorist organization' by
the FBI, and urban gang members attack more people than anyone. But keeping
statistics like those could get one labeled 'insensitive'

Nobody has been killed in an ELF or ALF attack yet, but McInnis said it is
wrong to think of the green terrorists as "nature-loving hippies" or
misguided youths. Such would be an insult to "nature-loving hippies" and
misguided youths, respectively.

"These are hardened criminals," he said. "They are dangerous, they are
well-funded, they are savvy, sophisticated and stealthy, and if their
violence continues to escalate, it is only a matter of time before their
parade of terror results in a lost human life."

When a crime happens with a firearm, some politician attempts to repeal the
right to keep and bear arms from the citizenry. Six hundred acts of
terrorism costing $43 million, and no one dares mention repealing the
Endangered Species Act, or the Antiquities Act of 1906 - the laws passed
that fuel the fire for these terrorists.

In a report the ELF and ALF issued last month, the groups admitted
responsibility for 67 illegal actions in 2001, including burning down a $5.4
million horticulture building at the University of Washington. Gutsy, huh?

In 1998, the ELF claimed responsibility for an arson attack at Vail Ski
Resort that did $12 million in damage.

Rep. Jay Inslee, D-Wash., said he understands that die-hard
environmentalists are frustrated with some of the Bush administration's
policies, but eco-terrorism hurts the cause by making it harder for him and
others to promote more environmental-friendly policies. Of course, the
Democrat, Inslee is not partisan about the matter - even though the ELF's
path of destruction has been ongoing since 1996 - when Bush wasn't

Rosebraugh's attorney/mouthpiece, Stuart Sugarman, said he wanted "to thank
Mr. McInnis for providing attention for this important cause," as if the
hearings were merely a way to further the cause of eco-terrorism.

Just this Monday in Phoenix, one of their fellow terror-warriors, Mark Sands
was sentenced to 18 years in prison for torching seven luxury homes under
construction as he tried to stop development near protected desert areas. He
also admitted writing letters to the media and property owners warning that
the fires would continue as long as people continued to build next to the
protected land in Phoenix and Scottsdale. One note, found April 29 said,
``You build, we burn again.''

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