Happy Darwin's day !

From: Jacques Du Pasquier (jacques@dtext.com)
Date: Wed Feb 13 2002 - 07:34:06 MST

Yeah, I know, it was actually yesterday, but on the other hand it
means that I spontaneously remembered it, instead of using a calendar.

I knew next to nothing about the man, but then I am reading "The Moral
Animal" right now which I had not read so far, and from Darwin's
letters and stuff you read in the book he really appears (to me at
least) as a very, very nice person. Sensitive, funny, intelligent,
honest, delicate.

I love the deliberative memorandum he writes when trying to decide
whether to marry or not to marry (p. 113). That's just one of many

I think it is great that a scientific achievement so important in our
history, initiating a whole new view about what it is to be human (and
really the first non mythic such view) has been made by someone so
delightful (I'd like to say "sweet" but hey, that's Charles Darwin, I
cannot talk of him with such familiarity).


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