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From: Damien Broderick (
Date: Tue Feb 12 2002 - 01:28:58 MST

Location of male brain cells now confirmed!

< Viagra, a drug used for erectile dysfunction and one of the most
frequently prescribed medications in the United States, has been found to
reduce the effects of stroke in laboratory animals, according to a Henry
Ford Hospital study.

"What we found is that we can use certain drugs like Viagra to create new
brain cells," said Michael Chopp, Ph.D., scientific director of the
Neuroscience Institute at Henry Ford Hospital. "And these cells are created
in both elderly as well as young subjects.

"When animals with stroke are treated with Viagra, the drug provides very
significant neurological functional benefit. These animals do much better
on many different outcome measures, including motor function, somatosensory
testing, neurological outcome and weight gain. There are far fewer
functional deficits. We can treat with Viagra days after stroke and there
is a significan! t reduction in neurological deficit and a significant
induction of new brain cells," said Chopp. >

That's all very well, but I'm far from sure that a man with a limp dick
would want to see a quack with that name.

Damien Broderick

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