RE: Transhuman Space rpg

Date: Mon Feb 11 2002 - 11:48:45 MST

I am an AVID Role Player and this game looks GREAT!!! About time someone made a game that focussed on what technology can do for us besides spacecraft and power generation LOL

Andrew Clough <> wrote:

>I was recently surprised and pleased to see that Steve Jackson Games has
>recently published a transhuman setting for their Generic Universal
>Roleplaying System (GURPS). From what I saw it looked really neat,
>allowing you to play humans, cyborgs, full cyborgs, uplifted animals, and
>several different types of uploads. It looks like they might be supporting
>this setting quite a bit, so we should be seeing more people exposed to
>transhuman ideas. There's even a link to the Extropy institute off of the
>official site:

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