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Date: Mon Feb 11 2002 - 03:17:58 MST

2002.02.10 21:14:21, Spike Jones <> wrote:

>It doesn't get any better after that point, Chesh. I really liked Chaos, but
>Faster was probably Gleick's weakest book. He refused to speculate
>on what it all means, or extrapolate into even the foreseeable future.
>I recommend our own Damien Broderick's The Spike if you like that
>kind of work. spike

Yeah, I've noticed. That's probably why I was so easily distracted and have not read it in
a while! I love what I've read of Chaos (I'm *really* bad at actually finishing any nonfiction
book. Though I did actually make it through (and love) Techgnosis, and I wish I could
remember who it was by so I could plug it!); but Faster seems kind of pointless. All these
statistics are nice, but what the hell do they mean?
I've had the Spike recommended to me before, so I'll definitely have to be looking into it.

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