Re: RE: changing traffic lights by the force of your personality

From: animated silicon love doll (
Date: Sun Feb 10 2002 - 19:30:14 MST

2002.02.10 17:39:16, "Emlyn O'regan" <> wrote:

>Chesh, if you want to try to accumulate a bit of proof, try logging the
>exact amount of greens vs reds, maybe with a measurement of how long you
>wait at the red. Get some non-magickal friends in the same area who use
>similar routes to do the same. Compare notes. You could even try turning
>them red vs turning them green to see if you can get a measurable

Hmm. I should try that. Once the Olympics are gone and I start leaving the house....
(coincidentally, I have almost no magickal friends here.The one I do doesn't drive either.
So there's not much of a choice, there.)

>A related thought... I use a lift (elevator) every day to get to work. On
>almost every trip there are multiple people in the lift, and, after everyone
>has entered but before the doors close, almost without fail, someone will
>press the "doors close" button. The thing I notice about this is that there
>is no observable difference in how long it takes for the doors to close
>(although I've never timed it; I should try that), if people press that
>button or not. I even have a vague feeling that I've heard of lifts with
>"doors close" buttons which are fake.

Yes, I think there are.
There's actually a whole chapter about elevators in James Gleick's book Faster: The
Acceleration Of Just About Everything (which I need to finish, dammit).
Same thing with crosswalk buttons, as the previous post mentioned....
They're a nice placebo, aren't they?

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                        for they draw only corrupt blood.
                                -Kahlil Gibran

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